Body Scan

The Body Scan is a great way to become aware of our body.  The aim is to focus on the experience of our sensations themselves… and not our thoughts or beliefs about the sensations.


Body Scan Descriptors

Use the Body Scan Descriptors here and/or create labels of your own. Pretend that you want to tell someone exactly what you are feeling in different parts of your body… as if you were a patient talking to your doctor.  Allow yourself to BE curious!  Examine each sensation in vivid detail!   See if any sensation changes moment as you observe it!

You are welcome to download your own copy of the Body Scan Descriptors should you desire.

Body Scan Media Files

Here are three versions of the Body Scan, one 5-minute, one 10-minute and one 20-minute version.  The best one to use is the one you would use on a regular basis as “a daily discipline.”  It is better to choose a right fit for you, one that involves readiness or gentle and light “neural nudge” to initiate action.  Please do not create unnecessary suffering with self-criticism or “forcing” beyond the gentle and light neural nudge.

5-Minute Body Scan

10-Minute Body Scan

20-Minute Body Scan



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