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MeWe Mindfulness

There is a body of scholarly work that reflects a simple reality: There are many pathways to well-being.

Some will feel helpful, meaningful, and nourishing while others may not.

Let us translate what Science has to say about well-being so you can discover and embark on your personal “right fit” path… because it is easier to pursue the path to mindfulness that honors who you are and where you want to head. 

Being, Becoming, and Belonging

MeWe Mindfulness is a teaching-and-learning platform and community of individuals committed to personal and collective growth.

We select and translate the cutting edge knowledge and Best Practices for well-being from the psychological, social, brain, contemplative and movement Sciences so you can choose what you want to learn and apply in your life.

More than anything, we hope to encourage and support your capacity for conscious and flexible action that honors and preserves and defends your Human Spirit. 

The Courses we offer are practical translations of research taught by scholars and practitioners with deep expertise in their fields.

We will not oversimplify complex issues, though we will explain and offer stories and demonstrations to make the material as approachable as possible.

Many of our courses provide an optional online Forum or Web-based Meet-up so we have the opportunity to share, ask questions, and practice inside a community where we can exercise what we recognize as our human right to Be, Become, and Belong.


Our Resources are stocked with simple, empirically-derived exercises, reflections and stories provided in written, audio and video formats.

Some of these Resources are offered as supplements to our Courses, though most can be helpful in and of themselves. They are designed to inspire and uplift as we build our Body and Mind’s capacity for engaged Attention and appreciative Attitudes while reaching for our heartfelt and meaningful Aims.

Finally, because dealing with “too much information” or not knowing where to begin (or go next) can be challenging, we provide Self-Assessment tools to help you orient. One size does not fit all in the area of human flourishing!

Engaged Attention
Appreciative Attitudes
Heartfelt Aims

Maria Hunt, Ph.D.

The MeWe Mindfulness Story

Hello, my name is Maria Hunt.  I am a clinical psychologist, consultant and researcher, and I can tell you the precise moment when MeWe Mindfulness was born… and why I’m committed to it.

Are you ready to discover and live a life that "matters most" to you? All it takes is a little knowledge, self-awareness and practice.

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