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The Sciences of Well Being, Becoming and Belonging

3a: Knowledge Or A System Of Knowledge Covering General Truth Or The Operation Of General Laws, Especially As Obtained And Tested Through The Scientific Method (Merriam-Webster.Com)

MeWe Mindfulness Sciences




The BEING state invites us to clearly see, attend to, and live with who we are.

BECOMING is our orientation and effort towards growth into our vision of our Better Selves.

BELONGING is our sense of being respected,  cared for, and included in groups that matter to us.

Psychological Sciences

This is the science behind ME. It focuses on why we think, feel and act as individuals… and how we might initiate, maintain, or change our reactions to support well-being.

Social Sciences

This is the science behind WE. It focuses on how we shape and are shaped by our contexts. This includes our living situation, community, society, culture, and greater environment and historical context.

Body Movement Sciences

This is the science that focuses on the physical body and the connections between our emotions, moods, attitudes and our movements. Developing interoceptive awareness can help us recognize the body-mind responses that interfere with and/or support our wellness.


This is the science that focuses on the variety of ways our brain can impact our cognitive, emotional, and behavioral functioning.

The Contemplative Sciences

This is the science that focuses on the qualities of mind that influence our awareness as well as self-regulation and interpersonal relationships.

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