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12-week course taught to low and limited income seniors
12-week course taught to low and limited income seniors

With gratitude to the George C. Nettleton Foundation for their financial support, Dr. Maria Hunt developed and tested the efficacy of a mindful approach to fitness course for seniors in her translational research lab at Avila University.   Teaming with certified personal trainers and Lab-certified mindfulness instructors Mary Bartnik, Deb Wood-Fowler, and Ralph Hunt, she collected pre- and post biometric and psychological data on 94 participants who:

  • increased their physical fitness as measured by the Senior Fitness test
  • improved their heart health as assessed by heart rate variability
  • and developed their ability to orient focus at will as measured by the Attention Network Test

These results were presented by co-investigator Samira Zaman, LPC, at the American Psychosomatic Society’s annual conference in Miami, Florida in 2013.

MeWe Mindfulness™ LLC is in the process of working with the above certified personal trainers and mindfulness instructors to create an online continuing education course that will be presented for accreditation through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) by December 2017.  Feel free to contact if you would like an update.


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