Recognizing Values in Action


In my field, “positive psychologists” are the researchers and practitioners who focus on the interventions that lead to human flourishing.  I am a positive psychologist.  I like the Values in Action (VIA) Inventory because it conceptualizes human strengths as those that appear naturally in our daily life because they are meaningful to us.  If we want to move more of the 31% of our Daily Life Experience into the “Meaningful” and “Enjoyable” categories, we must find a way to express our strengths in our workplace every day, perhaps doing something you always wanted to do but haven’t done yet.  For instance, one of my strengths is perspective.  Some days I roam the halls asking my colleagues to provide their opinion on a subject while other days I show a video to my class featuring someone who from another country who doesn’t have a safe place to sleep.  Now that you know this about me, you can “see” what I’m doing when I’m doing it… and not think that I’m wasting time (going around the halls asking people for their opinions) or trying to emotionally manipulate students (featuring stories of people in a different culture).

Feel free to use the Comments section attached to this blog to share how it goes as you bring your strengths to work.  Perhaps you might even share what you learned about your strengths with someone in your office or in your home as a way to “seal in” your self-understanding and awareness.


Complete the 15-minute free survey at  to discover the list of your top five character strengths OR take a look at the list of virtues and strengths below to see which ones best describe you.  Create an opportunity today to intentionally bring one of your strengths into the workplace… and see how it goes.

Wisdom and Knowledge Virtues

Curiosity and interest
Love of learning
Judgment, critical thinking, open-mindedness
Practical intelligence, creativity, originality, ingenuity

Courage Virtues

Industry, perseverance
Integrity, honesty, authenticity
Zest, enthusiasm

Love Virtues

Intimacy, reciprocal attachment
Kindness, generosity, nurturance
Social intelligence, personal intelligence, emotional intelligence

Justice Virtues

Citizenship, duty, loyalty, teamwork
Equity, fairness

Temperance Virtues

Forgiveness, mercy
Modesty, humility
Prudence, caution
Self-control, self-regulation

Transcendence Virtues

Awe, wonder, appreciation of beauty and excellence
Hope, optimism, future-mindedness
Playfulness, humour
Spirituality, sense of purpose, faith, religiousness

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