The mustard seed

Our brain is wired to focus on negative events and experiences… and our brain becomes more sensitive to these negative events and experiences with practice!

  • We notice negative events and experiences effortlessly.
  • We perceive negative events and experiences vividly.
  • We recall negative events and experiences readily.

Because negative events narrow our brain’s ability to gain a “big picture” perspective, according to the latest evidence from the neurosciences, our beliefs seem more real and right and representative of EVERYTHING in our life… rather than a singular set of experiences at a singular point in time or “season”.

Positive psychologist warn us against “jumping into positivity” when we are in the middle of unpleasant or challenging situations that demand our attention.  When mindful, we search for “the mustard seed” of positivity that already exists right now… even in the midst of chaos and sadness and confusion.

If what we attend to grows, why not focus the spotlight of our attention on the mustard seed that bring peace and ease and hope?


  • During your day today, search for a “little thing” in life that brings you joy, hope, serenity, etc.
  • Take 2-3 minutes to truly savor (and give thanks for) that experience.
  • Share “the little thing” with at least one other person… in literal or story form.  For example, if you like Estes park salt water taffy, share a piece of taffy with someone in the office.  If you have no item to share, share a story of the sort of little things you enjoy, how you discovered the, etc.

Positivity is all about the process of Search-Savor-Share!  Please share in the Comments section if you discover how to “search, savor and share” something positive as a company (and not just as an individual)  I’d like to know!

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