Take One Step

Take One Step

Linda Putthoff  |  Rev Up  |  March 1, 2021

Physical movement is a great tool to call upon if you ever feel stagnant or frozen in inertia. The most effort is required for the first step, and you may find that getting up and getting moving leads to more energy. Take one step for yourself, and see if the next step is easier.

Sometimes, one step may be enough. Your body will tell you. If one step is all you have today, listen. Rest. Later try one step again. Repeat until your body says “don’t stop now!”

A beloved student arrived in class one day and growled “I’m here. I showed up for class. That is my one step. That may be all I have, so don’t expect anything more from me. I’m here.”

I said, “Great. Do what feels appropriate for you right now, and sit or rest through everything else.”

Off we went with a gentle yoga class. We began by breathing, flowing through small bending and stretching movements, resting with legs-up-the-wall, and relaxing with a guided meditation. 75 minutes later, the growling was gone. The student felt a sense of accomplishment, deeper ease and even deeper strength in the physical body, and greater comfort in mind and heart.

Showing up is the first step, but in truth it is never the only step. Feeling better is achieved with an attitude of open readiness for better, a determination to push or strive the way a sweet potato vine pushes and strives for the sun – not with forcing or pushing in ways that are abusive to self or driven by a desire to please or satisfy others. The body will move in a way that invites greater flow of vital life energy when it is given the support it needs in the moment. Just like a seed that awaits activation from warmth and water, the body, when it is feeling shut down or frozen with inaction, responds to that first step of getting going.

Take the first step. Move a single step and be open to see if your body, mind and heart call for the next step too! 

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