Sometimes backward works

Many decades ago a friend of mine asked to watch me tie my shoes.  As I tied my shoes I watched her watching my fingers and laces so intently.  The moment I finished she was all smiles and excitement, promptly asking me if I would teach her son to tie his shoes.

Apparently she had been very patient, showing him again and again.  Frustrated that he couldn’t succeed, he threw his shoes in the trash, refusing to wear them.

She answered my wonder with, “He’s left-handed, I’m right-handed and I only know one way to tie shoes.  You tie them backwards!  He can learn from you!”

I showed him and then had him follow along.  He got it quickly.  He tied his other shoe by himself without hesitation.  “Mom, I can tie my shoes!” and he bounced out the door to play.

My friend was in the midst of tearful joy and relief.  That which had been so difficult and frustrating was changed in a moment…with good information, presented differently.

Shoelaces drawingEach of our brains is wired a bit differently because each of us is a bit different.  Rather than do without…if the information seems important to you or doesn’t make sense to you, seek out the same information presented differently.  The view of the information that works best for you does exist.

Is there really any ‘backwards’?  There is helpful to you and there is unhelpful to you…and a whole range in between.  If you want different results in your life, perhaps good information presented differently can make all the difference.  Shift your focus.  Seek it out.  Explore.  It’s your life, your health, your struggle, your happiness, and your moments.



© 2015 Mary Bartnik

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