I recently returned from a trip to Taiwan where I taught AAA-Mindfulness at an International “Focus on Theory and Practice Exchange” workshop sponsored by National Taipei University School of Nursing and Health Sciences.  The following is an email that I received from one of the participants, a counseling student completing her internship.  She knew I was interested in hiking and gave me permission to publish it on my Web site.

Hi Maria,

Thank you for the lovely comment you posted on my LinkedIn profile. Seriously I looked at it several times this week, especially when I felt frustrated at work. And of course reminding myself of my aim is VERY useful. 

Eva in tall Asian grass
Eva hiking in tall Asian grass

I’d like to share with you a picture of me in a hiking trail last weekend. The very end of the  trail is covered by asian perennial grass. As you can see in the picture it can grow so tall that the trail is hardly seen. I remembered myself feeling really annoyed by it and complained to my husband of it. Then I thought of mindfulness and tried to accept the current situation. I paid attention only to my steps and found this tall and strong grass was actually very helpful. I grabbed it behind me while going down the trail to keep the balance. The situation became easier and at the end I found myself in a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains. 

This was an amazing experience I wanted  to share with you.

Beautiful hidden valley
Beautiful hidden valley

 All the best,


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