Mindful mowing

Engage the senses to build mindfulness into daily tasks
Engage the senses to build mindfulness into daily tasks

This practice was written by David Deitch, one of my colleagues at Avila University.  We could  call it “mindful sweeping” or “mindful cooking” or “mindful flossing” because it occurs whenever we build mindfulness into our daily routine.  It is an ideal exercise to conduct when we find ourselves scrambling to get something done.

Think of this as an opportunity to make mindfulness “your own”!  All you have to do is focus as close to 100% of your attention on whatever you are doing by engaging your senses.  Do not stress or judge yourself if you have less than 100% attention.  One hundred percent is simply an aim.


  • Catch yourself in the act of rushing to check something off of your To Do list.
  • Stop and be still while you take a couple of deep breaths.
  • Pursue an aim to move deliberately: approach one task at a time… with calm, wonder and reverence… while maintaining a clear mind, an open heart, and a free spirit.
  • Seek “what’s happening” with regard to your sense of sight, sound, smell, touch, even taste and movement.
  • Smile when you catch yourself rushing again or reacting… and gently bring your vivid attention and mindful attention to your senses to this ONE task.

There is no one way to practice being mindful as long as we intentionally approach our tasks with a state of quiet openness and sustained awareness without clinging to or rejecting any experience… and without criticizing ourselves.  Here is an example of how Dave Deitch addressed his  challenging weekly task of mowing.

© Copyright 2007 Maria Hunt, with permission from Dave Deitch, Ph.D.


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