Me and We are connected!


Have you ever noticed how  “We” is a mirror  reflection of “Me”?   I involuntarily gasped when psychologist, Rick Snyder, first introduced the concept. It was on one of his PowerPoint slides at an undergraduate psychology conference in Kansas City in 2007: Me and We reflected to each other in a pool of water.  Though I had never seen or thought about it before, I  instinctively knew that it told the story behind three psychological truths:

  1. Me and We are distinct, yet inseparable.
  2. Me and We impact  each other… positively, negatively, neutrally or, most likely, some combination of the three.
  3. Me and We contribute to personal and global well-being when we are aware of our essential selves and make choices about the impact we want to have… on ourselves and others.

I dedicate this blog to individuals who offer mindful contributions to personal and global well-being.  My own blogs will focus on the many ways that psychological science can translate into healthy capacity-building action.

Let’s connect to encourage, nourish and support wise, strong and beautiful well-BEINGs everywhere on our planet!

Maria Hunt, Ph.D.
Director, MeWe Mindfulness LLC


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