Listening to the Bell

There are many forms of formal and spontaneous mindful practices that train our attention. Some demand stillness, like mindful breathing, while others require movement, like mindful mowing, walking or eating.  This exercise focuses on orienting to an audible signal in our soundscape, moving our attention to the sound of a bell as it rings.  Discover what comes up as you complete this exercise.  


  1. Before pressing the Play button, claim your intention to listen to the bell with all its tones and notes and nuances.
  2. While listening to the bell, listen with reverence. You ears are receptive to the waves of sound it produces, and you are exercising your capacity to take it all in.
  3. Listen to how the bell’s sounds change: How they start loud and fade over time.  At some point, they are no more than a memory.
  4. Follow the sounds as the bell is rung three times. 
  5. Listen with your ears and a grateful heart.
What did you notice about yourself as you completed this exercise?  What sorts of inner reactions or responses came up?  

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