Stable Attention

“A human mind is a wandering mind, and a wandering mind is an unhappy mind.”
Killingsworth, M.A., u0026amp; Gilbert, D.T. (2010). A wandering mind is an unhappy mind.
Science, 330, 932.

Would you believe that the average person’s mind strays from the here-and-now experience a whopping 46.9% of the day… even when we’re doing something enjoyable?! We’re also less happy when we stray from a focus on our current activity. Let’s use the following exercises to build our brain’s capacity to be aware of what is happening as it is happening.

On any given day of the week for the first week of your self-directed training, practice any ONE of the following activities. Feel free to tailor them to fit you (e.g., choosing words like, “It’s okay” instead of “Just this,” etc.).  While there are several activities to choose from, I recommend that you keep one or two in the forefront of our mind, adding others for variety’s sake after you complete the course.

As you will hear us say on several occasions, please do not force yourself to do something that isn’t working!

I will add to this list periodically.  You will have access to it for a year after enrolling in our course.

        1. Just this
        2. The perfect cup
        3. 3-minute stretch
        4. Yellow dot

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