Just One Thing

As psychologist, Rick Hanson, likes to say, “You can use your mind to change your brain to benefit your mind.” He suggests we practice one small thing a day to transform our brain to enhance our well-BEING.

Just ONE THING now...
Just ONE THING now…

Ideal “small things” are the ones that appear naturally during our day, or are relatively easy to accomplish. All you need is a time out to tune in to make space to savor the experience. Unplug, Slow down, and Breathe as you bring an enhanced consciousness to your activity. This can be accomplished in as few as five minutes… if you fully engage your senses.

As you are involved in a small pleasurable experience during your day today (such as when you drink your favorite hot or cold beverage, listen to a bird sing, or enjoy looking at a beautiful garden), take the time to engage ALL your thoughts, feelings and sensations on that ONE THING.

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