MeWe Birthing

Mindfulness teacher Linda Putthoff partnered with MeWe Mindfulness in 2018 to bring a body-based form of mindfulness to pregnant women.  Linda’s forty years as a yoga and dance instructor provide a strong foundation for the  “heart and mind and body” exercises that are tailored for pregnant women who want to learn the fundamental elements of mindfulness “through birthing and beyond. ”

Denis Greene, Innovation on Command

When non-profit-oriented entrepreneur, Denis Greene, began his study of innovation 35 years ago, he noticed some commonalities among the “super-innovators” he met.  In 2016, MeWe Mindfulness partnered with him to explore a set of hypotheses he had developed.  Results from his first scientific study suggest that there are intentional behaviors that support the development of innovative ideas, products and processes. He is currently teaching Innovation on Command as a National Speaker.

Pain and Suffering
Biopsychosocial model of pain and suffering

After personally dealing with four surgeries in as many years, I developed a passionate interest in learning how to live with physical pain in its acute and chronic states.  As “the” missing ingredient in clinical psychology training and Health Psychology courses, I’m determined to share the knowledge I gained regarding  The Neuromatrix Theory of Pain… with empathy… to help anyone who would like to understand and cope with their own physical pain (or that of others).

Projects and People


Wellness and Well-Being


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