MeWe Mindfulness is an approach to personal and collective well-BEING that harnesses the power of our brain to work for us rather than against us. It is grounded in classic and contemporary research in the psychological, behavioral economic, social, and neurosciences. We offer a carefully curated body of knowledge from experts who study well-being and teach the principles that matter most, that you apply in your own way.  

Our Courses reflect the depth and breadth of insight related to how mindfulness can make a difference in your world today. 

Our Library of Exercises is stocked with simple, capacity-building exercises designed to develop your Attention, Attitude and Aims. 

Finally, our Newsletter offers stories of how MeWe Mindfulness has been applied… because we know one size does not fit all and stories help us recognize and understand what mindfulness can look like as we personalize our practices.

Maria Hunt, Ph.D.

If you are visiting our site for the first time, feel free to peruse the Library of Exercises to find your “right fit” brain training workout, one congruent with who you are and what you need to build your ability to live mindfully:

If you want (and feel ready) to rewire your brain, both physically and physiologically, dedicate 25+ minutes a day to carry out any of these structured practices, which are various forms of meditation.

If your aim is to become less reactive and more present and adaptive in your daily life, change your mindset by using times that pop up within your day to apply these 1- to 10-minute practices

If you feel driven by an urgent need for relief, be gentle with yourself and create a time and space to begin to heal. Learn how to cope with difficult moments… in real time… with these exercises

Mindfulness is simply a way to view and approach ordinary life with a distinctive understanding. We translate the compelling science and flexible strategies for you via our Courses and Library. Add your gentle effort and you’re there.

Start your practice today! Take on, savor and celebrate each baby step you make. Move closer a way of living that matters.

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