Happy memories

I remember a time when...
I remember a time when…

Call to mind a time when you felt that all was right with your world. You can close your eyes and visualize this time or gaze at a reminder to cue the events and circumstances surrounding the event.

Some people journal to flesh out the memory while others imagine telling the story to a good friend or eager listener. Choose the approach that allows you to re-perceive the experience deeply… and in great detail: How old were you? What time of year did it occur? Where did it happen? Who, if anyone, was there with you? What exactly transpired?

In solitude and silence, allow yourself to bring the memory to life NOW. What were the internal and external characteristics that made it a memory that you wanted to hold onto… to make part of your BEING?

When you need a well-being pick me up, bring up some of those memories that exist inside of you.

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