Dance in the Rain

When life is stormy, you feel it in your body, mind, and heart. Use movement and your imagination to shake up and wake up your body/mind. Find some calm after the storm.


Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it is about learning to dance in the rain.

While gentle rains that softly and deeply soak the earth are precious, dramatic earth-moving storms and floods are terrifying and traumatic. Yet each has its place in bringing new life, growth and change.

In this exercise you can simply imagine the process. To more fully embody the experience, allow yourself to move/dance. The more vividly you engage your imagination, the more richly your body will respond.

Part 1 – Rains that Nourish
Begin by bringing to mind a sweet and nourishing moment in your life. Think of this as a “gentle rain” experience. Move or imagine moving as if the memory of that experience is a warm and gentle, sweet-smelling rain shower.

Next, use your hands as if you had a plush towel and you wanted to pat yourself dry. Pat your face, your shoulders, etc. Imagine that you soak in the nourishment.

Repeat this part of the exercise with the same or other memories until you feel “well-watered”. Don’t worry about over-watering. Humans have built-in drainage systems!

Part 2 – Storms that Transform
Everyone experiences events that, much like hard storms, leave their impact on body, mind, and heart. Some storms leave the landscape changed forever.

To being, think about some of life’s storms you have lived through. If you have experienced a lot of trauma, start with something small that doesn’t feel too scary or overwhelming.

Instead of focusing on details of your life-event storm, picture it like a storm. Imagine you have whatever gear you need. Umbrella? Galoshes? Dramatic music and lighting?

Next, feel how you might move in a storm. Do you want to shake angry fists defiantly at the sky? Will you huddle inside the protection of your own arms? How about gleefully stomping in puddles to the rumble of thunder?

As you trust your body to feel and express, you might be surprised at what evolves. The point is not how you move, but that you allow your movement to arise and express. While fist-shaking and huddled shaking look and feel very different, both are ways the body can access and release energy. If you find yourself wanting to sit still and witness the storm, know that even in relative stillness your engaged imagination will active a movement of energy within you.

Now imagine coming in out of the storm, drying off and resting somewhere warm and secure.

Think about how your “dances” felt. Can you learn to dance in different kinds of life experiences?

Watch for moments in life that replenish you like a spring rain. Tap into this feeling and move with it whenever you like. I often find myself turning my face softly upward and bringing a little smile to the corners of my lips and eyes, soaking in the moment. No moment too small. 

Experience a different but equally valuable kind of renewal by moving/dancing your stormy experiences. Let your body tell its story.  Like a good cry or a hard storm, dance/movement can unlock debris, leaving more space inside. Find the quiet after the storm, with the old washed away and the new not yet forged.

You are meant to move, as certainly as the planet needs movement of wind, water earth and fire. Let your body feel its stories. Move with curiosity. Dance in the rain.

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