Self-Care for Well-BEING

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Unselfconscious... like a child
What do you need to recognize, understand, and REALIZE the person you are while strengthening the wise one you want to be?

What do you require to recognize, understand and realize the person you are while strengthening the wise one you want to be? What mental habitsdo you need to develop to consciously accept yourself “as is… with all your warts, masks, and graces? Can you “self-correct” to be carefree from within, to let life happen while staying calm and relaxed in the midst of your reality… no matter what form it takes?

If you are content with your answers to the above questions, then you know how to realize well-BEING.  If you’re like most of us, however, you may yearn to feel freer.  You may want to learn the moves that empower you to live life WELL as a human BEING. 

Well-BEING occurs when we live in communion with our present reality regardless of our circumstances… pleasant or unpleasant, ambiguous or neutral. It flourishes as we develop a clear mind, a tranquil heart, and a curious and welcoming spirit… the embodied qualities of mindfulness. While mindful well-BEING is a natural and healthy state, it’s difficult to achieve because so much in our lives (to include ourselves) conspire to work against it. This is why we will teach mindfulness and positive psychology techniques in our course… because they embody self-care… and well-BEING  emerges with their use.

If you would like to recognize when and understand how to self-correct for self-care, then this course is for you… and you will realize well-BEING.  We will teach you “when” and “how” to use our research-based practices after presenting what Science Says about “why they work.”  We invite you to “care for yourself” by creating a mindful awareness of yourself and the world.

Hello, I’m Maria Hunt, a clinical psychologist and avid student of well-BEING.  Let me take you on a journey to discover and develop the practices that will enhance your functioning.  Welcome to “Self-care for Well-BEING.” It consists of six micro-Lessons with optional Topics for those of you who want to “dive deeper,” a 20-60 minute time investment. You may complete the course all at once or stop-and-go as you please. Choose the path that works best for you given your NOW life circumstances.

I look forward to working with you. Let the self-care begin!

© Copyright 2015 Maria Hunt, Ph.D.
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