Mindful Chemotherapy Retreat

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You didn’t do anything to deserve cancer more than any other human being on this earth, though you may find yourself wondering why it is growing in you rather than  someone else.

Everything has changed, and

Nothing has changed.

“Why me?” isn’t a helpful question. 

“Everything has changed” is a more beneficial place to start because, though we are all vulnerable to intense and alarming conditions that shift our lives in radical ways, it’s affecting you up close and personally now. We don’t have to like reality to accept it.  It’s simply an acknowledgement that your cancer exists, and your need for chemotherapy is real.

This course is designed as a Mindfulness Retreat for anyone who spends time in chemotherapy.  Its instructors are a clinical psychologist and mindfulness teacher (Maria Hunt), and an art therapist experiencing her third cancer since surviving childhood leukemia. Emily Camille and I will be going through it with you.

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