Mindful Aid during Difficult Times

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This one-hour course was created as a Continuing Education course for Mindfulness Instructors in May 2020.  I offer it to you now, without cost, because I believe we can all use a few mindfulness “boosts” when troubled. 

When I transformed the Zoom workshop into the four 8- to 15-minute lessons you see here, I noticed how often my mind went blank, I retreated to “Um” to avoid my silent spaces, and I looked as fatigued as I felt.  We all betray burnout in signature ways, and I “relived” mine in this edit.

Please know that you are not alone.  We all yearn for our version of  “my preferred life”!  We are all experiencing what Tara Brach refers to as “the death of an assumed way of life.”

This is my way of supporting us in our journey to feel whole and at peace again… in the midst of difficult times.

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