Certified Instructors

The following individuals received “Certificates of Completion” through Dr. Maria Hunt’s  Mindfulness Lab at Avila University in Kansas City, MO.  The list was retrieved from http://transformlearning.avila.edu/mindfulness on June 1, 2015.  Dr. Hunt retired from Avila University to start her on business (MeWe Mindfulnessâ„¢ LLC) on January 30, 2014.  MeWe-certified Mindfulness instructors are identified below.

 Avila University’s Lab-Certified Mindfulness Instructors
  1. Regina Adams, MEd   (Senior Instructor)
  2. Dave Armstrong, MA
  3. Mary Bartnik, CPT (Senior Instructor)
  4. Nancy Bean, LCSW
  5. Jeannette Brockman, MBA
  6. Kevin Burns, CPT
  7. Elise Cretel, BA in Psychology
  8. Shawnalee Criss, BA in Psychology
  9. Shirlene Hess, LPC
  10. Lesli Hill, MS in Psychology (Senior Instructor)
  11. Joann Hinnerichs, DC
  12. Ralph Hunt, MD
  13. Nyakio Kaniu, LPC
  14. Jason Pan, MS in Counseling Psychology (Senior Instructor)
  15. Mariko Prigel, LPC  (Senior Instructor)
  16. Linda Robinson, CPT
  17. Yulonda Swanson-Moten, MFT
  18. Robin Todd, MS in Psychology (Senior Instructor)
  19. Rachel Willoughby, MS in Counseling
  20. Marlene Wine-Chase, LCSW
  21. Deb Wood-Fowler, CPT (Senior Instructor)
  22. Maria Wright, MS-candidate in Counseling Psychology
  23. Susan Wulff, LPC
  24. Samira Zaman, LPC
MeWe Mindfulnessâ„¢ Instructors
  1. Regina Adams, MEd
  2. Lesli Hill, MS in Psychology
  3. Jason Pan, Counselor in Taiwan
  4. Robin Todd, MS in Psychology
  5. Marlene Wine-Chase, LPC


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