Daily Discipline

Before work obligations

If you take 1-3 minutes to mindfully breathe before you tackle the mountain of obligations in your life, you will eventually come to “do more” and “do better” in the same amount of time!  Mindful breathing exercises might feel like an interference or interruption, but they give your brain the energy boost it needs for improved concentration, fewer negative reactions and greater work efficiency …

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Return and rest 2

“Mindfulness of breathing is a wonderful beginning to cultivating awareness. It strengthens our ability to concentrate and steadies our tendency to get lost in reactive emotions and mental preoccupations.” – Gil Fronsdal, co-founder, Insight Meditation Center Mindfulness of Breathing is an awareness practice and not a practice in breathing. That is why, when the aim …

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Return and rest 1

“We found some dramatic differences between the group of experienced mind body practitioners and the inexperienced group. Specifically, 2,209 genes in the experienced practitioners were being expressed differently.  The genes that acted differently have been associated with medical problems and premature aging.” – Herbert, Benson, M.D., Relaxation Revolution The aim of this exercise is to …

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Mindful waiting

Mindful Waiting March 27, 2014 Maria Hunt Exercise In her book and blog about The Happiness Project (http://www.happiness-project.com/), author Gretchen Rubin shares how she puts “meditation” at the end of any task she considers boring or unpleasant.  She routinely participates in “Sitting in Traffic meditation,” “Doing Laundry meditation,” or “Listening to a Long Story on …

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