Begin with Self Care

Feeling helpless in a complicated world? Try bringing more self compassion to your workouts as a way to bridge that gap.


Do you feel at peace in your life and in your movement practice? Do you ever rush through your time on your mat (or at the gym, or on the trail) thinking about the next thing on your to-do list? 

A practice of staying present and mindful in your body. Staying present means paying attention to what you are doing, and it is one way to bring more compassion to your practice.

Next time you are working out, make sure you aren’t zoning out by following a few simple practices:
* Do a brief body scan as you move. Ask yourself how well integrated your movement feels.
* Stay attentive to your breathing. Make sure you are not struggling to breathe, and adjust if you need to.
* Listen to your body. If you are experiencing pain, pay attention. Try making small adjustments to your form to see if you can find a way to move that feels more comfortable and supported.

You change the world when you change yourself. See how a practice of self-compassion in your movement brings new compassion into other areas of your life.



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