Maria Hunt

Just driving

Carve out a certain about of time on your commute to work to do nothing but drive or be driven.  Without listening to the radio, talking, taking an object off of a seat, etc. … tune in to the driving process.  Guide your focus to the unfolding micro-moments of your HERE and NOW experience. Internal …

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The perfect cup

The intention behind this exercise is the maintenance of full and complete awareness while we drink our favorite cup of coffee, tea, soda, juice, water, etc.  We attend to the beginning, middle and end of the process of drinking a beverage. Before drinking beverage Allow yourself 3-5 minutes of alone time to fully engage the …

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3-minute stretch

“Sometimes we need to stop sitting in one place and start to move around… to bring awareness and enjoyment into our bodies.”  Hanh, N. (2008). Mindful Movements: Ten Exercises for Well-being. Berkeley, CA: Parallax Press. Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh believes that mindfulness is enhanced by body awareness and that body awareness strengthens mindfulness.  This …

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Mindful waiting

In her book and blog about The Happiness Project (, author Gretchen Rubin shares how she puts “meditation” at the end of any task she considered boring or unpleasant.  She routinely participated in “sitting in traffic meditation,” “doing laundry meditation,” or “listening to a long story on the phone meditation” throughout her day. Rather than fall victim to the natural …

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