Well… And sigh. I think I may finally see (and truly feel) that I cannot fool the laws of physics, myself, or any interaction between body and mind. I mean I know this. It has been my passion and my study. Yet somehow I felt I could skip the “taking care of myself” part and get right to “helping others” and this neglect move right through unnoticed.

I don’t need any more lessons in this nature. My body and mind are screaming for some attention and what seems so obvious now has been just something I “got through” on a daily basis so I could do what I needed “to get done” all the while thinking I was somehow rising above self care.

Well…and sigh. I am not sure any one can convince us to “take care of ourselves” until the idea awakens within. I mean, I was not even sure what that meant or how to do it and how to know if it was right.

And then this morning it sort of emerged…at least on this level – and I’m going to trust it, that is trust myself. So I may not get as much “done” for a little while in order to find this balance.

But the good thing… Is that I’m going honor a self I have ignored. And what is truly AWESOME is that at any given moment we can choose to move another way – nothing lost, just insight gained.

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