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The MeWe symbol has layers of meaning.

At an individual level:

ME emerges from WE as I am the product of generations of genetic, cultural, and interpersonal contributions to my existence. I would not be who I am without my personal WE and what I gained from them.

WE is the community in which I live and work and play. I am affected by its geography, politics, weather, demographic and socioeconomic characteristics, etc. Significant and insignificant, I have “a place” in this community. 

At an interpersonal level:

I am independent and unique, though not completely distinct and unaffected by Others who currently exist, are no longer here on Earth, and have yet to arrive.  While, as David Funder writes in The Personality Puzzle:

We are like most people;
We are like many people; and
We are like few people.  

It is important to realize how we shape Others and are shaped in return, consciously and unconsciously. Our individualism and common humanity dwell side by side.  It is an illusion that we are fully in charge or our lives or that we have an insignificant impact.

At a systems level:

We contribute to personal and global well-being by mindfully living a life of FULLNESS. We contribute to peace by nurturing peace in ourselves. We increase the world’s capacity for well-BEING by practicing mindfulness to live a life that is “serene, useful, and worth living” (Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi, Finding Flow, 1997).

Our Story

MeWe Mindfulness is the work of many people, some of whom I had the chance to interact with and others who touched me with their written work.

Abraham Maslow’s posthumously published book inspired me to pursue “synergic relationships” since I was in high school: “What is to one’s advantage is also anothers” (The Farther Reaches of Human Nature1971).  This led me to pursue courses in Buddhist psychology and systems relationships in college, which ultimately led me to pursue a doctoral degree with my other worldly advisor, Dr. “Crazy Don” Glad (Interpersonality Synopsis, 1963).

In 1993, after counseling from an integrated clinical and social psychology perspective informed by neuroscience, I followed Don Glad’s prescient advice and switched to academe.  I pursued learning as a living, with the professional contacts and resources that were unavailable to me in private practice.  One such contact was Dr. Rick Synder (The Psychology of Hope, 1994) creator of the ME/ME visual, who asked me to participate in sharing what he perceived as “our ultimate hope” if we recognized its value. Dr. Synder died a month after he invited me to join him. I created Avila University’s Mindfulness Research Lab in 2007 in honor  of his call to action. In the lab, we discovered nine “active ingredients” of mindfulness with the help of 550 individuals who participated in four mindfulness research grants.

When I retired from academe in 2014, MeWe Mindfulness became an LLC to spread the news. We can live in the fullness of our hearts and minds and bodies AND positively impact the world.

For more information about MeWe Mindfulness, LLC and Dr. Rick Synder, read our History.

Meet Our Instructors

Maria Hunt founded MeWe Mindfulness LLC after spending 15 years as a psychotherapist and consultant and the following 20 years as a university professor and researcher. Today, she shares what she did every day before retiring from academe: She reads the latest research news released by ScienceDaily, and spends time integrating this information into curriculum that reflect “the working truth” (Thomas Kuhn, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, 1970) in the science of well-being.  

Dr. Hunt teaches and consults online and in person from her home in Nederland, Colorado. You may contact her at maria.hunt@mewemindfulness.com

Linda Putthoff is a dance, yoga and mindfulness specialist who knows the power of movement.  As a dancer, she performed for ten years and managed Kansas City’s City in Motion Dance Theater for four years. She studied Sivananda yoga in 1978, and became certified as a Pilates Instructor in 2002 and a Mindfulness Teacher in 2012.

Linda teaches just how exquisite and elegant the body’s design is and, if moved in a gentle, compassionate way, how resilient and strong it can be (despite the stresses of everyday life). You may contact her at linda.putthoff@mewemindfulness.com

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