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ME shapes WE, which affects ME, etc..

Regardless of your level of introversion or extroversion, or whether you live in a metropolis or hamlet, ME shapes your WE world, which affects your ME ad infinitum.  We contribute to personal and global well-being by mindfully living a life of FULLNESS.  We contribute to peace by nurturing peace in ourselves.  We increase our world’s capacity for well being by growing and practicing mindfulness as a way to live a life that is “serene, useful, and worth living” (Csikszentmihalyi, Finding Flow, 1997).

MeWe Mindfulness is the work of many people, some of whom I interacted with and others who touched me by their work.  Abraham Maslow’s posthumously published book inspired me to pursue  “synergic relationships” in high school: “What is to one’s advantage is also another’s” (The Farther Reaches of Human Nature, 1971).  This led me to pursue courses in Buddhist psychology and systems relationships in college… which eventually led to a doctoral degree shaped by my other worldly advisor, Dr. “Crazy Don” Glad (Interpersonality Synopsis, 1963).

In 1993, after counseling from an integrated clinical and social psychology perspective informed by neuroscience and Buddhism for 15 years, I followed Don Glad’s prescient advice and switched to academe.  I “pursued learning” as a living, with professional contacts and resources unavailable to me in my public and private practices.  One such contact was Dr. Rick Synder (The Psychology of Hope, 1994) who created the “ME/WE” visual, which he described as “our ultimate hope.” I created Avila University’s Mindfulness Research Lab in 2007 in response to his call for action. We discovered nine “active ingredients” of mindfulness, which we tested with 500+ individuals with the help of four local research grants.

In 2014, MeWe Mindfulness became an LLC to spread the means to live in the fullness of our hearts and minds and bodies AND positively affect the world.

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Maria Hunt, 2014

Maria Hunt, Ph.D. Psychologist and Director MeWe Mindfulness, LLC
Maria Hunt, Ph.D.
Psychologist and Director
MeWe Mindfulness, LLC

Maria Hunt founded MeWe Mindfulness LLC after spending the first 15 years of her professional life as a psychotherapist and the following 20 years as a university professor.  During this period, she realized just how challenging it was to keep up with the scientific literature that could change people’s. Today, she shares what she did every day before retiring from academe: She continues to translate “the working truth” of science from her studio in Nederland, Colorado.

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